Current Affairs

Current Affairs

In our Current Affairs lessons we look at issues affecting the world around us. This might be something political but might also be something that affects our own moral conscience. 

Students have looked at diversity and equality, right through to debating on issues that affect our lives each day and will impact upon the furute of our nation.

Some issues are very emotive and usually spark strong opinions and thorough discussions. Discussions helps students to see that it is ok to have different opinions to someone else, it is ok to have different beliefs and values and that it is ok to stand up for what we belive in. Diversity helps us see that not only is it ok to be different it is important!

We use different forms of media to support lessons; internet research, TV documentaies, magazines, newspapers, YouTube videos, online blogs, film and TV programmes. Some of these are decided by the teacher and other times students will recommend a programme they think is very important or relevant.

Current Affairs helps shape our children in to the adults they want to become and that society needs!

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